7 Reasons Why Marlow is the Best Pillow For Your Neck

The Marlow Pillow was made to help protect your neck.

Quick Adjustments

Sometimes, your needs from a pillow change and evolve. To change the Marlow as simple as possible, we added two zippers to the sides for quick and easy adjustments that aren’t a pain in the neck.

Support For Days

Good support from your pillow is critical for warding off neck pain. Our pillow uses NASA technology in an 80/20 mix of memory foam and polyester fiber for the ultimate neck support.

Cooling Power

Our pillow uses a proprietary fill that includes cooling-infused memory to help keep you cool and ventilated gussets on the sides to maintain airflow all night long.

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Marlow Plays Defense

While you’re busy dreaming, your Marlow Pillow and its antimicrobial shell go to work fending off grime, sweat, and other unwanted night guests.

People Agree

In our review section, thousands of people are sticking their necks out for Marlow Pillow. Read for yourself how Marlow is saving people from neck pains and helping them find their best rest.

Time For Our Awards

Our fans aren’t the only ones who love us. According to Insider, Oprah Daily, and The Strategist, we were head and shoulders above our competition regarding neck support.

From the Creators of Brooklinen

Brooklinen founders are here to bring Brooklinen’s love for high-quality products, best-in-class customer service, and risk-free warranty to the memory foam pillow world.

Save 10% on your first order and up to 30% by bundling

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  • The perfect pillow!

    "I am a back/side/ stomach sleeper all in one & I have been on the hunt for the perfect pillow forever & I finally found it! Have had for about a month and I’m sleeping so much better. I just unzip one side and it’s comfy all around. No achy joints in the AM. Can already tell there won’t be any clumping happening anytime soon. Made so very well."


    Miguel L.

    Back, Side, Stomach Sleeper


    "I’m not normally one to leave reviews or get sold by the Instagram ad, but these pillows are game changers. I didn’t realize how much a pillow could contribute to good sleep. They stay cool and they just feel luxury. I liked them so much that I placed 2 more orders for my mom and dad. Both are as impressed as I am. “If I had known, I would have purchased them sooner.” Do yourself a favor… toss your old pillows and purchase these. I guess do me a favor too, and purchase them so that we can make sure the Marlow Pillow is manufactured for the next 50 years as that is how long I plan to be a loyal customer. Thanks to this company for making such a great product!"


    Grace M

    Back Sleeper

  • Will purchase these for the rest of my life.

    "I bought 4 and they are magic. If you want the pillow softer you just unzip the side and it expands into the most wonderful marshmallow you have ever slept on. I bought the four for my bed and two escaped to my son's bed. He won't give them back so I will be ordering more."


    Brandy D.

    Side Sleeper