• I’m LOVING my Marlow pillow - I didn’t realize how unsupportive my old pillow was until I started using this one. Being able to zip to change the hardness/softness of the pillow is genius. Now I just need to buy my husband one so he’ll stop trying to steal mine!

    Brooklyn, NY
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  • I had been using the same pillow for 15 years because nothing else compared. After trying Marlow, I FINALLY retired my college pillow.

    Venice, CA
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  • I am loving my new pillow from Marlow! One of my biggest pet peeves about my old memory foam pillows was having to store the extra foam in my tiny apartment (and removing it or adding it on my own), and the fact that I can adjust Marlow’s firmness with the zipper is a game changer. Looking forward to more restful nights!

    St. Louis, MO
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Who are we?

It took a lot of restless nights to be able to snooze this good. And whether we’re asleep or awake, we’re thinking about how to best ensure we do things the right way for all.

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1% of all sales are donated
We donate a portion of sales to organizations who work to build the future of our dreams. Learn more about our charitable partners, here.

It’s a risk-free trial
We get it. You can lie your head on the computer all you want but until you try our pillow, you just won’t know if it’s right for you. That’s why we offer a 365-day free return policy. Like they always say: sleep on it.

2-year warranty
If your Marlow pillow is damaged or not living up to expectations, our customer service team is here to help make it right, and a replacement may be covered so you can rest assured.